Pianist. Producer. Composer.

Last single: "Everything is falling into place" (27.11.2023)

Composer & Producer |
As a multi-instrumentalist and creative musician, Thomas Lehmkühler composed hundreds of songs, produced (Reality Studio - www.insStudio.de) in different genres and has already published several musical apps. As an independent coach (Online), he also passes on his knowledge to young artists. For example he worked together with the german band Silbermond and has been a professional musician on and behind the stage since 2007.
Winner of German Songwriting Awards 2020: "Virus“.
Own releases: NeoClassical & German Pop/Rock

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"Everything is falling into place" (November 2023)

"In Search" (October 2023)

"My world" (September 2023)

"Things are what they are" (August 2023)

"Silent" (July 2023)
Score | Streaming
"Strong" (June 2023)
Free Score
"Lively Imagination" (June 2023)
"Destiny" (December 2021)
"Virus" (February 2021)
"Calmness" (June 2021)
"3" (April 2021)

Pop/Rock German

"Wenn der Vorhang fällt"
"Weil es Liebe ist"